Finding Great New Garage Doors

Finding Great New Garage Doors

5 Reasons To Consider A Smart Garage Door Opener

Gertrude Collins

A poorly secured garage door can be a major flaw in your home, making it vulnerable to criminals. While a good lock is one way to help secure your garage door, a smart garage door opener steps up your protection to the next level. With a smart garage door opener, you can do almost everything from the palm of your hand. If you aren't sure why you should consider a smart garage door opener, check out these five reasons you should.

You Use Your Smartphone to Control the Door

One of the best reasons to get a smart garage door opener is because it literally lets you control your garage door with your smartphone. Most apps that come with smart garage door openers give you the ability to open or close the garage door from afar. Therefore, if you leave for work or a vacation and can't remember if you closed the garage door, simply pull out your phone and close the door with the push of a button without missing a step.

You Can Also Monitor the Door

Some smart garage door openers come with a separate monitor that you can place somewhere in your house. With a glance, you can see if the door is open. However, most smart garage door apps also give you the ability to monitor the door from your phone. Not only can you look to see if the door is open or closed, you can receive notifications whenever the door does open or close. Therefore, if you know no one should be entering the home, you'll get an immediate alert if someone does open the door.

The Door Closes Automatically

Luckily, if you do leave your garage door open, but you forget to look, the door may close on its own. Many smart openers also have an automatic close setting. For example, if you set up the door to close after an hour of being left open, the door will close after that hour, whether you are home or not. This can be a great way to protect yourself if you forgot the close the garage door, and don't realize it's open.

You Can Schedule the Door to Open/Close

Another amazing feature smart garage door openers have is the ability to schedule when the door should open or close. For some families, this could be a huge benefit, especially if they use the garage door as the main entrance to the home. You can simply schedule the door to open when everyone gets up and close when everyone is in for the night. That way, you don't have to worry about remembering to close the door. Similarly, if you have someone coming over to your house at a specific time, you can just schedule the door to open, so you don't have to worry about it.

There Are Many Options

There are many different options from which you can choose if you do decide to install a smart garage door opener. While some may require you to replace your entire garage door opener or even install security cameras, there are also inexpensive options that work with your existing garage door opener. You simply purchase and install the device and connect it to your garage door opener. After downloading the app, you should be able to open, close and monitor your garage door from your phone.

A smart garage door opener is an incredible way to protect your garage and home. With your smartphone, you can control your garage door from just about anywhere. If you would like more information regarding smart garage doors or to get an estimate, contact a specialist in your area today. 


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