Finding Great New Garage Doors

Finding Great New Garage Doors

Can You Solve Your Garage Door Problems?

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There are many things that can go wrong with a residential overhead garage door system. Of course, much of the work is specialized and should only be handled by a specialist. But, you can often handle the repairs on your own and save some money in the process. This article explains the most common garage door problems and should help you decide if you can do the work yourself, or if you should call in the pros:

Want to Add Extra Insulation?

If you live in cold climate but spend a lot of time in your garage, you might use space heaters to keep it warm during the winter. However, you can make your room much more comfortable and functional by adding some insulation to the inside. This is a simple and affordable DIY project that doesn't require any special tools. You can buy some affordable fiberglass batting insulation. The continuous rolls are the most cost effective and easiest to apply to the separate panels. Conclusion: Adding insulation is a great DIY job.

Broken Panel Needs to Be Replaced

Garage door panels are often made out of thin materials like vinyl and aluminum. These materials are lightweight and cost efficient, but they can get dented or damaged rather easily. For instance, just lightly hitting your panels with your car can dent the panels. Luckily, most garages are built with removable panels. This means you can order replacement panels direct from the manufacturer and replace them yourself. The panels can be taken out after removing a few screws, but the job is best done with at least two people so the panels can be moved around without bending them.

You just need to make sure that the panel frames are not bent or cracked before trying to replace the panels. If the frame is bent, you should not try to change the panel on your own. Conclusion: Replacing panels is a great DIY if your frames are in good shape.

Motor and Other Components

The motor, belt, pulley, and all the associated components are interconnected. That is, if the motor is having problems, it could have something to do with the pulley or belt. These components need to specifically calibrated according to the specifications of the garage and motor. This is repair work that you should not do if you aren't a certified repairman. Conclusion: Leave the motor work up to licensed pros.

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