Finding Great New Garage Doors

Finding Great New Garage Doors

Moving Into An Old Home? Safety Things To Change Now

Gertrude Collins

If you are moving into an older home that doesn't have a security system, and the locks look old, you have no idea how many people may have been given a key to the house throughout the years. Replacing all of the locks around the house is common sense, but there are some others things that you may want to take into consideration. Anyone who knows the layout of the house may target a window or the garage for an easy intrusion while or after you move in. Do the following to be extra safe.

Replace the Garage Door and Opening System

Someone who lived in the house or visited the house prior to the sale may know the key code to get into the garage or have a spare opener. If they know how the garage door works, where the pull cord is, and where the slide lock is, they can get in. Replacing the garage door and the opening system is the best option. Work with businesses like the Able Door Company to learn about your options.

Add Sensors to Windows

If the windows don't already have locks, then you want to add locks and sensors. This way, an alarm will sound if anyone tries to get into the home or if anyone tries to get out. You can have these synced with your home security system, or you can have them on their own alarm. A loud signal or alarm is ideal to stop kids or intruders from going in or out.

Exterior Motion Light

Get exterior motion lighting installed around the back of the house, the front, and around on sides near the garage. Someone who wasn't used to the lighting before may think that your house is an easy target, but once they try to approach the home in the dark and the motion light comes on, they will be surprised.

There are a lot of security issues that you will have, and getting a new home security system is a worthwhile investment for the property. Talk with professionals about these different things to get them all installed for your home. That way, you'll already feel safe when you start to move in and when you start to move all of your belongings into your home. You won't have to worry about people trying to get in or already knowing the layout and the security around the house. 


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