Finding Great New Garage Doors

Finding Great New Garage Doors

5 Basic Garage Door Services to Leave to the Professionals

Gertrude Collins

At some point, your garage door is going to need repairs, as well as maintenance. Most maintenance can be done on your own, which includes tightening loose bolts, cleaning the track, and testing the sensor. However, many of the even the most basic repairs require the help of a professional like Shank Door. Here are five basic repairs you will need at some point that you should hire professionals for:

Sensor Replacement: If you tested the sensor and discovered that it needs replacement, you want to have the professionals do this for you. The professionals will be able to replace the sensor with the correct parts that align perfectly so that they work right away. The problem with replacing them yourself is that you might not match up the sensors correctly, which prevents the garage door from indicating that there is something in the way. This is extremely dangerous to leave it this way. 

Spring Work: Any kind of work that needs to be done to the springs must be handled by a professional. The reason is because the springs hold the entire weight of your garage door. If they become loose or they need replacement, the time that the springs are not holding up the weight of the garage door can lead to the garage door collapsing, which is really dangerous for any homeowner without experience, especially the strength and tools required to hold it up. 

Cable Replacement: At some point, the cables connected to the garage door are going to need replacement, especially if you notice an awful sound when using the garage door or you notice that the garage door is really slow to open and close. This happens because cables become rusted. You want professionals to replace them to ensure that they are operating correctly and not getting tangled together. 

​Track Replacement: At some point, the tracks will also need to be replaced since dents and bumps happen. At this point, you want a professional to replace the track to ensure that the garage door operates smoothly. A professional will align the track perfectly and replace it with one that is going to work with the rollers and garage door that you have. 

​Garage Door Replacement: Finally, at some point, full garage door replacement is going to need to be made. A professional can lead you in making the right decision as far as efficiency and appearance. This way, you are upgrading to a garage door that has all of the new technology and design that modern homes are using. 

With these five basic garage door services being met by professionals, you can keep your garage door in good condition for many years to come without causing any harm to you or your family. 


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