Finding Great New Garage Doors

Finding Great New Garage Doors

Five Tips For Keeping Your Garage Door Functional

Gertrude Collins

Garage doors can be easily kept functional by implementing some easy maintenance procedures. You can carry out the procedures everyday to ensure that your garage door rolls freely, without much effort and obstruction.

Apply a Lubricant

Garage doors usually have tracks, pulleys, gears, and springs which help in controlling the movement of the door and also how the various components operate. If you feel your door isn't opening up quickly as it should, apply a little lubricant on the parts. You can apply light oil in the various components, which are visible and responsible for the movement of the door. This will smooth the system and ensure that the door is functional.

Remove Rust

Rust tends to build up on different components. As a result, the door does not open quickly and efficiently as it should. You can apply a bit of oil on the specific rusted zones like brackets, tracks and hinges which will help in getting rid of the rust. The door will then function normally.

Kerosene Soak

In case you notice that some hinges and rollers are getting stuck, which is causing hindrance in moving the door, you can apply some kerosene on them. You can use a small sized brush to apply kerosene in the cracks. Let the specific parts soak in kerosene for at least thirty minutes. With the help of a steel wool, you can later remove any visible rust which might appear. You can then use a damp cloth to clean the parts and then apply the lubricant.

Realigning Door Sensors

If you notice that the door sensors are not working properly, it might be because that the sensors are just out of line. These should be realigned again. Realigning the sensors is all about pushing them in the right position. The correct position is when these sensors are facing one another. If they are not aligned in the right way, the lights will blink as indicator.

Install Weather Seals

Have weather seals installed in the garage door. This will help in preventing moisture from entering the garage. Weather shields should be ideally applied on the bottom section of the garage door. This is the area between the frame of the door and the door panels.

Try out the above five tips and ensure that your garage door functions perfectly for a long time. Just a bit of maintenance goes a long way. Contact businesses like Morris Doors Inc to learn more.


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