Finding Great New Garage Doors

Finding Great New Garage Doors

What Should You Do If Your Garage Door Opener Is Not Working Properly

Gertrude Collins

The convenience of garage door openers is often something that many people take for granted but will quickly notice how much of a pain it can be when it malfunctions. If you have found that your garage door opener is no longer working as it should, you will want to make use of the following tips in order to resolve this matter as quickly as you possibly can.

Check The Battery

Too many people forget that the remote for their garage door openers run off of batteries that will go bad over time. It might take a while for the batteries to die, as this is not something that is in constant use, so you might not think of the batteries first when the opener starts to have problems. But a simple change of batteries may be all you need to fix your problem.

When you go to change out the batteries, you will want to do one more thing. Take a close look at the battery compartment, especially near the battery terminals. Do you see any rust, corrosion, or battery acid that may have leaked out in the past? If so, you will want to clean that out with a soft rag. Once it is clean, you can then insert the new batteries to see if that will do the trick. Sometimes, there is a weak connection to the battery if there is a buildup of old battery acid or corrosion.

Check The Wiring

Even if you do not have much experience with wiring, you can take a look at the wires the run from the electrical system to the opener itself. Does anything appear to be frayed or otherwise damaged? Is there a loose connection? If there is a problem with some loose wiring, you may be able to resolve this on your own if you have some electrical experience. Without such experience, you may want to call in an electrician or garage door repair technician.

Check The Sensor

On the front of garage door openers, there will be a small sensor. This is what receives the signal from your remote. If there is an excessive amount of dirt on it, you can simply wipe it off with a slightly damp rag so you can ensure the sensor is receiving the signal to work. If that does not do the trick, your last resort may be to simply contact a garage door repair technician. He or she will be able to examine the opener to see if the sensor itself is simply broke.

If you are not able to get the opener to work once again with the use of the previously mentioned suggestions, you may need to replace the unit. Contact a professional garage door opener repair company, such as Raynor Door Company, for more information and help.


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