Finding Great New Garage Doors

Finding Great New Garage Doors

How To Replace Garage Door Panels

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If you want to remodel the outside of your home, you should definitely check out your garage doors. Even if your garage doors are in good working order, it might be worthwhile to upgrade them. You can actually keep all of the working parts of your garage, as the motor and springs, but replace the panels. In fact, it is possible to replace garage door panels without changing the frames. Best of all, it is actually a project that is very achievable for DIYers. This article explains how to replace panels in a garage door with metal frames: 

Removable Panels

Not all garage doors have removable panels, but most modern systems do. You can double check that to see if your panels are removable by simply looking at your garage from the inside. You will have the best luck if you shop for panels directly from the original manufacturer of your garage door. Conveniently, the panels could be delivered directly to your home so you don't have to worry about transporting them.

Replacing the Panels

If the panels are secured to the frame with just a few bolts or screws attaching them, the job will be quite easy. The first thing you want to do is find your replacement panels. When replacing the panels, it is better to do it one by one. That is, remove one or panel and install a new one directly in its place. Don't remove all of the old panels at once.

This is a two-man job, especially when it comes to installing the new panels. Removing the old panels can't be probably be done by one person. All you have to do is remove the bolts that secure the panel to the frame and then pop it out of place. This will probably damage your all panels, but it doesn't matter if you are just going to throw them away or recycle them. You obviously need to be more careful when it comes to installing the new panels. With one person on either end of the panels, you can pop it into the frame. Then, one of the workers has to go inside the garage and secure the bolts until the panels are snug. Text your garage to make sure it still opens and closes with ease.

This is obviously a very simple project, and most people are surprised that it is so easy to handle. Contact a garage door installation company for more information and assistance. 


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