Finding Great New Garage Doors

Finding Great New Garage Doors

3 Factors To Consider When Upgrading Your Garage Door

Gertrude Collins

If your garage door is started to become decades old, and the cost of repairs is starting to add up, it may be time to upgrade your garage door. When you upgrade your garage door, make sure that you carefully consider the type of garage door that you put on your garage.

#1. Consider Going with an Insulated Door

When you install a new garage door, it is smart to go with an insulated garage door. A well-insulated garage door often does not cost much more than a regular garage door. An insulated garage door will help regulate the temperature in your garage. It will make your garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. An insulated garage door will make your garage a more comfortable place to be.

If you have an attached garage, an insulated door can help the energy efficiency of your home. Having a garage that is well-regulated can help your home as well. It is usually a cost-effective investment to increase the insulation level of your garage door.

#2. Go for Heavy Duty Springs

Next, do not go for regular springs. Instead, have heavy-duty springs installed on your garage door. Heavy-duty springs are designed to last twice as long as traditional springs. That means you will be able to open and close your garage door twice as many times before you have to replace your springs.

Heavy-duty springs cost less than buying two pairs of regular springs, which means that your long-term maintenance costs will be lower when you install heavy-duty springs.

#3. Get a New Opener Installed

Finally, when you have a new garage door installed, update the electronics that go with your garage door at the same time. This is a great time to install a new garage door that has all the latest tech features, such as smart abilities that allow you to remotely control your garage door. You also want to make sure that you have the latest sensors to ensure safe operation of your garage door.

When you upgrade your garage door opener at the same time that you install a new garage door, you will generally save on labor costs and may even be able to get a good deal on the overall price of a new electronic garage door opener system.

When you get a new garage door installed by a company like J & B Door, you are going to want to think carefully about the all components and choices that you can choose from in order to install the best garage door possible.

Consider installing a garage door with a high insulation rating in order to regulate the temperatures in your garage. Go with heavier springs that will last longer. Upgrade your opener system at the same time; this will ensure that your entire garage door system is new and will help save you on installation and labor costs.


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