Finding Great New Garage Doors

Finding Great New Garage Doors

  • Recommendations To Help You Maintain Your Garage Door

    Your garage door serves you well every day on a regular basis, as you come and go from your home. The wear and tear your garage door motor receives from use and the weather's wear on your garage door's exterior can cause your door to fail early if you don't take care of them. Here are some tips to help you take care of these two areas on your garage door.

  • 4 Checks To Preform On Your Garage Door To Get It Ready For Winter

    This fall, make sure that you spend some time getting your home ready for the change in seasons. Before winter comes, tighten up the hardware on your garage door, check the cables, lubricate all moving parts and inspect the weather stripping. #1 Secure The Hardware The main job of your garage door is to open and close. All of that movement can loosen up the hardware that supports your garage door throughout the year.

  • Five Tips For Keeping Your Garage Door Functional

    Garage doors can be easily kept functional by implementing some easy maintenance procedures. You can carry out the procedures everyday to ensure that your garage door rolls freely, without much effort and obstruction. Apply a Lubricant Garage doors usually have tracks, pulleys, gears, and springs which help in controlling the movement of the door and also how the various components operate. If you feel your door isn't opening up quickly as it should, apply a little lubricant on the parts.

  • What To Do If Your Garage Doors Suddenly Break

    Did you accidentally run into any damage your garage door or will it suddenly not close? These can be major problems, especially if you have a lot of valuables stored in your garage. Also, this could be a concern if the garage door gets damaged during the winter and the cold air is wreaking havoc on your cars, and cooling down your home more quickly. This is why there are emergency garage door repair services available.

  • 5 Basic Garage Door Services to Leave to the Professionals

    At some point, your garage door is going to need repairs, as well as maintenance. Most maintenance can be done on your own, which includes tightening loose bolts, cleaning the track, and testing the sensor. However, many of the even the most basic repairs require the help of a professional like Shank Door. Here are five basic repairs you will need at some point that you should hire professionals for:

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Finding Great New Garage Doors

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